Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast, pirates and bachelorettes

This is how my day started. I woke up early at my sister's house in Portland to steal away together for a few precious hours of girl time. I'm in love with all the delicious, local food served in the hideaway cafes in Portland, so she treated me to a scrumptious breakfast out. When we got back home, I entered the wild world of pirates with my three-year old niece. We dodged pirates, spying on Captain Hook with our telescope and filling up on power-building, piratey snacks (i.e., cinnamon Cheerios and Pooh crackers), and hiding beneath cargo blankets. It's been awhile since I evaded pirates. When we parted ways - her on one pirate ship and me on another - I drove to my favorite Gresham cafe to finalize plans for tonight's bachelorette party. It's bound to be a fantastic weekend.

Hence, I'm going to be a realist. I don't envision much writing getting done in the next few days, so I'm going to take a little writing vacation.

I'll be back in force next week - unfortunately, without pirates.

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