Monday, April 4, 2011

Farewell and hello

We'll, the kids are officially hitched. They made a dazzling pair, especially Kris (and Bill would agree), who appeared more beautiful than the models in bridal magazines. Gorgeous, stunning, amazing - these words felt insufficient to describe her beauty that day. She was poised, elegant, perfect, ready to walk down that aisle. And I got a front row seat to behold it all.

Now I'm back at my coffee shop before I begin work. Back to a schedule. Transported from the wonderful world of wedding to my normal life. I'm not sad, really, only clearing my head from the daze of a quick transition.

Ricardo came with my Mom and sister to the wedding, and it was a joy to have him with me. The perfect companion at special events, he was by my side to enjoy the moments, able to move around on his own, and always available to assist when needed. I dubbed him the keeper of my camera and he smoothly made his way to the focal points of action to capture the priceless moments. He wasn't shy about getting in there with the camera, even with three professional photographers on site. As we were driving back to Seattle, a little spark of inspiration lit: we might make a fantastic team of photographers ourselves, given more training, experience and better equipment. There's something I thrive off of with a team approach, feeding my creativity and building confidence while enjoying the challenge of completing a project with someone else. With photography, the presence of another set of eyes could release creativity and vision beyond what I possess.

We'll see. Here's to a new dream.

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