Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodnight moon, the adult version

For all of the adults in the world who have trouble turning off at night - and for Pete and Laura and Chris, who helped inspire this idea from the original...

Goodnight dishes, goodnight taxes
Goodnight wishes, goodnight faxes

Goodnight bills, goodnight cable
Goodnight politics, goodnight email

Goodnight facebook, goodnight twitter
Goodnight i-phone, goodnight world hunger

Goodnight housing market, goodnight economy
Goodnight laundry, goodnight housecleaning

Goodnight rising gas prices, goodnight global warming
Goodnight earthquakes, goodnight tsunamis

Goodnight Japan, goodnight Middle East
Goodnight famine, goodnight feast

Goodnight Libya, goodnight Afghanistan
Goodnight information overload, goodnight C-Span

Goodnight spring, goodnight cold
Goodnight magazines, goodnight remedies for growing old

Goodnight aches, goodnight pains
Goodnight losses, goodnight gains

Goodnight brain, goodnight thoughts
Goodnight self, goodnight God

Now, hushhhhhh.


  1. Love it! I just wrote a piece called "If you give a mom a coffee" that's along these same lines: (instead of "If you give a mouse a cookie" - in case it wasn't obvious).

    I found your post on grown up girls seeking a father's love on (in)courage and it was so beautiful I followed you over here. Keep up the great writing!


  2. Precious ! Great modern update of
    our information overloaded selves !