Friday, March 11, 2011


Items of business first: my blog site did a naughty thing yesterday. After I spent an hour writing a post, it gave me an error message and wouldn't publish my post. In fact, the toolbar on my blog page completely disappeared, eliminating my ability to do anything with the page. I tried to access the toolbar later on in the day and it was still MIA. So I guess that was one of my "free cards" by default. It was a pretty good post, too, but it's possible it wasn't meant to be.

Now for the important stuff. I'm dumbfounded this morning, I've got to be honest. One of my close friends has a younger brother who's been living and working in Japan, in one of the port cities. Late last night she called to tell me an 8.9 earthquake had hit Japan, launching huge tsunamis through the country. They hadn't heard from her brother yet, and realistically, don't know when they will. Understandably, she couldn't get to sleep.

I read about the disaster online this morning and saw links to many pictures and videos of the earthquake and tsunami. I get weary of all the at-the-scene-of-the-crisis footage that's available to us these days. I didn't feel the need to experience the quake or tsunami second-hand, nor feed my sense of helplessness. I don't feel like writing much, only to ask for prayer for her brother, Matt, and for all the people of Japan.

These types of disasters seem to call God's goodness into question for most of us, at some point or another. I don't have a good answer for that. Mysterious and complex as they are, I still believe God is present and quite capable of working in the midst of the rubble. I pray for His mercy, strength, and comfort throughout the nation. I pray for safety and rescue and resources for the people. I pray for hope and salvation.

Let it be so.

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