Tales of beauty from the rubbish heap

It's a dream of sorts, in this space of web I call home to my story, for it to be home for yours, too. A place where we storytellers collaborate, and together, weave pages of a book that is so much bigger and more exciting than one story alone can express.

I'm still figuring out how that could look.

But this is what I hope is a beginning, an opening of the door for your stories to come in and then go out.

I call them tales of beauty from the rubbish heap - because if we go to the rubbish heaps in our lives and dig around a bit, or simply sit and observe, we may be surprised by what we see emerging there. The most beautiful things, I think, come from unexpected, even undesirable places.

So, welcome in, friends and fellow storytellers.

Here are a few of the stories being told...

Karmen's story
Kelly's story
Marla's story
Melissa's story

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