About the storyteller

Well, hello there.

I'm Amber Cadenas. Wife of Ricardo. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Introvert. Old soul. Curious and deeply observant. Lover of goats and all manner of creatures, long walks, birds, forests, spicy foods, yoga, my tortoise Pepita, Harry Potter, memoirs and nature writing, recycling, Mexican culture, thunder showers, lake swimming, coffee, thrift stores, Berenstain Bears, tattoos, rain boots. I have an affinity for colorful language and people who are raw and honest and rough around the edges. I don't like religion, but I love wherever I am free to be wholly me, for this is where I find God. I live and walk this journey out day by day in shades of gray, one hand holding doubt, the other holding faith.

After all my years of education and years of living, I'm finally seeing: I am a storyteller. We all are. I've been living blind and I didn't know it.

I write because it's my art, craft, passion - my way of seeing. If I could sum the heart of what I write in two words, it might be something like this: pay attention. Pay attention to everyday life, to the ins and outs of your journey, to the outside world and your inner world, to where you can find beauty - and the sacred - in unexpected places.

I write with the hope that others might be inspired to see their own lives through different eyes. To consider life from wider, deeper angles. To be emboldened in the honest living and the telling of these one-of-a-kind stories. 

If you hang around here for even a little while, you may notice I don't often keep things light. In my writing, I feel a pull toward courage in the telling of my story, and that can mean venturing into vulnerable waters. In person, I find it much harder to have these conversations, but I'm learning to step out and risk when opportunities open up. I've been told I can be fairly funny, but this doesn't often show in my writing, simply because it doesn't often flow with my poetic prose style

I am honored that you are taking the time to read my story. I wholeheartedly welcome and value your feedback, and I LOVE comments - particularly as they give me a glimpse of your own story. So drop me a line here and there and let me know your thoughts. I do my best to respond to each one.

peace to you,