Saturday, March 19, 2011

A deep breath in

Yesterday was my dark day, my the-world-is-coming-to-an-end sort of day. It felt so real, and I was sucked in by the heaviness of it. Regretfully, I allowed it to rob me of my precious joy. Yet thankfully, it didn't end that way. I went to bed in peace.

And this morning, I awoke to the rare gift of sunshine. Mom and I enjoyed the luxury of a leisurely morning, going out for breakfast, which is one of our favorite Saturday traditions, flipping through magazines as we ate, sipping coffee, talking, and later in the afternoon, going for a longish walk through the trails of Carkeek Park. The walk through the forested trails, looping along the bay leading out to the waters of the Puget Sound was like an IV to my dehydrated soul. I gratefully absorbed the warmth encased in the cool prelude-to-spring breeze against my face. I sucked in the scent of the woods and marveled at the sun sparkling on the waters from my perch above on the trail. I smiled at the seagulls soaring freely in the air over me and at the people walking their dogs and kids through the trails.

The events of the world are going on as usual today, with or without my knowledge. I'm not forgetting them. But today, I took a small vacation from them, a luxury and freedom I gratefully acknowledge. Today, I reminded my soul of the joys in my life that my circumstances afford, and challenged myself to remember the joys that will still be mine, even if these others are taken away.

It's good to pause and take a deep breath in.

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