One of the stories I weave through my blog is of grief - the nitty gritty, the hopeful, the lingering, the journey of healing, the redemptive beauty that can surprise us through it.  I write sometimes to process, but in that sharing, with the hope of relating to someone else's story.  Perhaps someone who hasn't been able to find the words or the courage to speak their story - yet.  It's a fine line I know very well, between plunging into self-pity and walking the ledge of authenticity.  I'm not saying I walk it well all the time, but I strive to tell my story in a way that is ultimately uplifting in its truthfulness.  

That said, the grief story that launched me into this journey in the first place was the death of my dad, my beloved Papa.  On August 6th, 2008, he fell from a ladder while painting, landing on concrete with a traumatic blow to the head.  In a coma, eight days later we let him go.  He and I were close pals, fellow dreamers and adventurers, and I miss him greatly.  And life has gone on in beautiful ways, but his death left a tender ache.  It's not that his death has defined my life since then, but it has and continues to influence and shape me.  

Woven throughout my writing since then is this theme of Now. This passionate conviction that Yesterdays rob us of life, Tomorrows are never guaranteed, more chances to kiss loved ones and tell them we love them don't always come, and the most real thing we possess is Today.  So live it.  Fully.

But I've also learned that grief is not limited to the death of loved ones.  Loss is loss, and grief applies to the death of many things - people, pets, relationships, careers, dreams, health, beliefs - you name it. No one's loss is greater or less than another's; we all are touched by grief at some point, or many points, in our journeys.  

For additional posts on grief, I've included a few excerpts from my journey below:
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But really, I'd love to hear about your journey.  If you're struggling through the journey of grief, you're not alone - and I'd love to listen.  Please don't hesitate to drop me a line through email.

all is grace (borrowed from an admired writer),


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