Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blowing kisses

I've got flutters of happy anticipation in my stomach, and it's not even my wedding. My best friend is getting married this weekend in Portland and I'll be heading out this evening. I've got writing this morning, a full day of work, a long packing list I haven't even started, a necessary appointment with the gym (so I can get my second wind for the drive), and some final plans to tweak for the bachelorette party tomorrow to accomplish before I hit the road, that dull, flat mostly straight stretch of I-5 between here and Portland, praying to God I don't fall asleep. And then we'll hit the ground running. I'm so excited.

It's been a progression of emotion getting to this place of excitement. Of course I was happy when she told me, extremely so. But admittedly, there was also some sense of sadness looming on the horizon. For someone who has reportedly liked change in life, this change has been an interesting one to swallow. For eleven years, we have been in a similar season of life; in the trenches and also in the adventures together. I've taken some comfort from knowing we can relate to where each other is at in life. But where her path in life is going, mine is not. Not yet. In a few days, she'll not only have a wonderful husband, but also two beautiful little girls. A wife and a mom, I cannot relate to that. She goes on ahead of me, and I will let go and send her off, my heart overflowing with love, as she embarks on a new trail. I'm honored to witness this change, even as my heart has braced itself for the parting.

It's goodbye to one path, hello to a new one. I'll blow her kisses as she takes his hand and journeys on. And then I'll keep walking on my path that trails alongside theirs, crossing the bridge between whenever I'm able to visit.

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