Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the air

I stopped today and took a deep breath through my nose, underneath the cherry blossom trees. It filled my senses with fresh, crisp, sweetness and my heart with hope. Spring is coming. Yes, winter still holds on, like the house guest invited to spend the weekend with you, who, upon arriving with a small duffle bag, appears chill and fun, but come Sunday afternoon suprises you by unpacking a U-Haul of her belongings and staying for four months too long eating all your food and not once offering to pitch in for expenses. But look around, at the crocases popping up out of the dirt, listen to the chirping songs of the birds returning home, smell the sweet flowers beginning to come to life again, feel the air shaking out its winter linens to fold and tuck away in the closet for another season. On the air is carried a whispered promise: Spring is just around the bend. Hold on and prepare to watch those things that were planted and lay unseen in the ground now blossom and grow.

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