Sunday, March 20, 2011

Resurrection and mystery

There's a mystery in the air this time of year. This time, when spring finally makes its much anticipated debut, breaking through the dark winter months with the promise of light and life; when in the midst of the season of Lent, leading up to the week of Easter, we ponder Christ's journey to the cross and the mystery of His resurrection. Spring and resurrection go hand-in-hand.

In light of the current events unfolding in the world, the phenomenon of resurrection - most poignantly, Christ's resurrection - carries even deeper meaning, reaching down deeply to our human thirst for hope and regeneration. How can we experience this resurrection in our daily lives, regardless of the death encountered in the news or in the lives around us? I know no other answer but to daily invite Christ's Spirit to dwell more fully in me, working side-by-side with Him to learn from Him how to live. From this place of dwelling and learning, we experience the mystery of resurrection as Christ's life renews not only us, but the lives of those around us who experience His life in us.

I may feel powerless to do much to alleviate the global suffering in this world, but what about this mystery I carry around inside of me? What about the resurrection life that is always present, like a seed planted that is always bearing fruit? Never underestimate the power of Christ's resurrection life to heal, to comfort, to draw in, to set free, to renew, to bring life out of death. This resurrection life is a well of pure water that never runs dry, never becomes contaminated; it is bread that multiplies enough to feed every soul that hungers for hope and life.

This is the life of Christ. Welcome to spring!

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