Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skinny or fat?

When it comes to health and weight, the women in our culture are obsessed with small. Size zero, no fat, no calories, no extra pounds, small. We want smaller thighs, smaller butts, smaller hips, smaller waists, smaller portions. Small things. While I have my moments of small obsession, there is one thing I do not wish to be smaller.

My heart.

Not the physical organ itself, but the term we use to give meaning to the core of who we are. Over the years, many things can take their toll on our hearts, seeking to diminish them. Our hearts can actually grow smaller if we don't take care of them. The question I ask myself today is this: has my heart grown since last year?

Does my heart have more substance than it did a few years ago? Is it stronger and deeper? Can it hold more love? Am I more in love with Jesus today than I was years ago when I started off on this journey with Him? What is the condition of my heart?

It's challenging to answer these questions, but I need to try. I may want a lean body, but I don't want a skinny heart. I want it strong and fat and healthy.

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