Friday, January 21, 2011

Get to

I heard the vibrations of my phone and immediately felt like groaning in protest. That can't be my alarm already (internal whining)... you mean I have to get up now? Shoot, do I have to get my writing finished this morning? Maybe I can squeeze it in later... nope, I can't. I have to do it now. I threw my covers off reluctantly and rolled off my mat on the floor (yep, my bed is a foam mattress pad, and I like it. Been sleeping this way for over four years).

And so the conversation with myself went. Until, thankfully, I remembered to switch one little word in my dialogue. I've been meaning to try this all week, but I kept forgetting. It changes everything, I'm telling you. It's empowering, attitude-shifting, affirming, even gratitude-inspiring.

I don't have to do anything; I get to.

I read this in a book recently, and it stuck. But it takes practice and some discipline. I get to go to work this morning. I get to sit in one of my favorite coffee shops beforehand and do one of the things I love most: write. I get to interact with my customers and enjoy my coworkers. I get to have this day.

Maybe you'll even want to try this little experiment with me. I mean, why not? It may seem silly or trivial, but it couldn't hurt anything. And you may even find yourself surprised.

But I'll stop writing now and let you get to your day.

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