Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Growing up into a child

Now that I'm officially Thirty, I've been practicing letting the words roll off my tongue without hesitation or embarrassment (why we should ever be embarrassed about our age, I'm not sure). I've even been surprised at myself when someone has asked my age and I nonchalantly reply, "Thirty," like it's no big deal, or when I bring the topic up myself, which I've been doing when someone asks me, "So, what's new?" Well, for one, I say, I'm thirty.

But the funnest (I can get away with this word because of my age) part is, now that I'm growing adjusted to my decade shift, I'm actually excited about it. Yeah, instead of feeling like, "Holy guacamole, I've gotta grow up!" I feel more like, "Yippee skippy, I getta get to living!" Which means getting more serious about some very worthwhile pursuits, such as writing, but also, getting less serious in general. Haven't I spent enough of my short life taking myself too seriously? I need to grow up into more of a kid again.

How do you do that, you may ask? Good question. I was hoping you'd ask. Here's one of my answers - ahem - are you ready for it?

Practice the art of puppeteering.

It's just an example, mind you, and it may seem a little strange, but it's really... freeing... and just plain fun. You may recall I wrote last week about my birthday gift from a dear friend - a stuffed cow, whom I named Carnita. Well, Carnita has become somewhat of a source of comedic release and creativity in mine and Ricardo's relationship. She has her own personality of sorts, and a voice, which Ricardo provides during our puppet show conversations, and it never fails to make me laugh. Because I'm fully aware it's silly and childish, but I could care less. It's fun, and for a few moments, it reminds me of the pleasures of being childlike.

So there you have it. Stuffed animals don't change over time, we do. So revisit your childhood and practice puppeteering with an old or new stuffed friend - and preferably, someone else, just because sharing the experience is so much funner.

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