Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ok, so I'm pretty keen on this post-a-day bit, but I've gotta be real here. I wrote something first thing this morning, saved it to my laptop and was going to paste it to my blog when I had internet later in the day. "Later" being, up past the time I'd like to be in bed considering when I'll be getting up in the morning to do some writing before work... but alas, here I am, mumbling some not-so-sweet things at this laptop for not doing the simple function of copy and paste. That's it, it's all I ask, but nope. It won't do it. I've ruled out user error as a possibility, since, let's face it, I'm not technologically savvy, per se, but I'm sure as mud savvy enough to figure out how to cut and paste into my blog. Anyways. I'm making an executive decision (convenient, since I'm the only one here to make the decision) to stop sighing and rolling my eyes at this laptop (not mine, by the way) and just go to bed.

So just for the record, I did write something today other than this pathetic rant. Tomorrow is a clean slate.

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