Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank-full: Day 9... brevity

A brief list for a brief post.  I need to learn brevity, after all, if I'm going to make it as a writer, and this is good practice, cutting my words down to the bare essentials, because that's what I really need to be working on this afternoon and evening, cutting words, that is, for a paper that's due in my writing class tomorrow, and this business of self-editing is so hard.  Evidently.  (I couldn't resist).

Today I'm thankful for:

      new friends - customers and bank tellers and such

"chicken feet" leaves

     a bag of juicy satsumas

windswept leaves dancing above the ground

     dancing the cha-cha with my favorite partner

a steaming bowl of pho on a chilly day

     purple penguin rain boots

doe-eyed girls with sweeping lashes

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