Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank-full: Day 5... Happy birthday Laura!

We've been friends for all our lives,
or all of six years,
but it might as well be our whole lives.
From day one, our friendship was meant to be.
In each other, we found the another who could relate.
To being "different."
And just crazy enough to go out in public like this,
and repeat this two years in a row.
No wonder we made stellar roommates.
And then, she went and got herself hitched.
And I cried.
But not until after we laughed and celebrated
and I basked in her glow.
Her and her new husband even reserved a special space for me
in their downtown apartment, so I wouldn't get too lonely.
She is sunshine,
a cup brimming joy...
my partner in crime,
who didn't think we were too old to learn to skateboard

near the end of our twenties.
There is no water too icy she won't venture into with me,
no puddle too muddy to jump in.
While we waited for her baby to come,
we kept the comraderie between us.
She's so wonderful,
even scarecrows are cheered up in her presence.
Her hugs are warmth and medicine.
She radiates love.
One of the most beautiful moms I know.
In her love for me,
she's modeling for her son from an early age
an appreciation for goats.

She is full of adventure,
I'm thankful for my bosom friend,
who walks the road less traveled,
who walks beside me on this journey.

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