Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank-full: Day 12... skin

It's a dark, damp, finger-tingling morning, one more day of work.  I'm tired.  I know it's going to be another busy Friday, running miles in circles of concrete.  I know I have to be "on," but I'm not there yet.  

I forget, so easily.  That this practice of recording my blessings is not just to teach me how to live more thankful, but to become the blessing for someone else.  I forget, so quickly.  That it's not about me.

Mother Teresa once wrote, "The work we do is only our love for Jesus in action... if we pray the work... if we do it to Jesus, if we do it for Jesus, if we do it with Jesus... that's what makes us content."

Contentment is not a feeling, or a place of achievement, or a really good day, or appreciation from others for a job well done, or even inner peace.  Ann Voskamp sums this up, saying, "The contented, deep joy is always in the touching of Christ - in whatever skin He comes to us in."

Whatever skin He comes to us in.  No matter how dirty, how prickly, how uptight, how rude, how disrespectful, how ungrateful, how frenzied, how unaware of me.  Real contentment is found in the real work of touching Christ in whatever skin, of thanking him and thanking him so that I become the blessing that reaches out and touches that skin.  

Jesus, help me see you in all the colors and shapes and sizes of skin today, that I can touch you.  That I can be a blessing.

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