Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank-full: Day 6

I'm thankful for the evening glow of autumn at the UW.
Perhaps I'm enamored more by the campus
than anything else.
I have discovered my favorite tree
en route to class.
The quad sits hushed,
and I tiptoe through with my camera.
As always,
the sight slows my steps.
I am tourist
and student
and patron of this outdoor museum.
The light from old
illumines my lens.
And the light from new.
Everywhere in the Quad,
I peer through arms of trees
to stately buildings.
And in Red Square,
wide open spaces.
The library lights draw me
into wonder.
I am here to write,
but all I want in this moment is to behold.
I turn back
for one more view,
one more click,
and let the camera speak.

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