Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Merry Christmas

The eve of costumed munchkins and parents trailing with cameras and sugar comas has passed.  Indeed, that was so last night. 

We're onto the season of snowflakes and scarves, of fur-trimmed boots and velvet gloves, of reindeer sugar cookies and trips to Santa at Bell Square (I've heard he's the real deal), of LED lights outlining houses and skyrocketing electric bills, of crowded sidewalks and Salvation Army bell ringers, of nativity scenes and Nutcracker shows.  Stock up the eggnog and clean out the chimney.  Begin making plans for the holiday meal, cram the calendar with events to maximize the festive spirit.  Heck, why not plan the New Year, and while we're at it, Valentine's Day and vacations for next summer, and next Halloween.  Tis the season!

What?  How was my Thanksgiving?  Well, thanks for asking... it was... well, thankful.  I think.  Really meaningful.  My favorite holiday, come to mention it.  Yes, thank God for Thanksgiving.

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