Friday, November 4, 2011

Thank-full: Day 2

It's near the end of my work shift, and as is typical, Friday lived up to its bustling reputation.  Bustling is a soft word, actually, and I'm usually more on par with frenzied this day.  I do a well enough job pushing through this, but come two o' clock, I may be wound as tight as a duct tape.  That's when comic relief is especially welcome.

An older gentleman walks up to the counter in search of a type of coffee that doesn't exist.  After explaining this to him, I help him find a bag of coffee beans to purchase, finish the transaction, and briskly continue on with my duties, which take me out into the grocery store.  As I wheel the grocery cart down the sugar aisle, I see him approach me.

"Excuse me, Miss.  Do you know where I can find mustard?"

"What kind of mustard?  Gourmet, deli, yellow?"  I don't really know where the mustard aisle is, but it seemed like the appropriate question to ask.

"An assortment would be nice."  He studies me now with a puzzled look.  "Hey, you look just like your sister over in Starbucks.  Do you have a sister in Starbucks?"

I can't tell if he's joking, and I reply, "Sure, she's my twin."

"Well I'll be!  Isn't that something?"  

He looks delighted, and I reach out to lay a hand on his arm.  "I'm teasing.  I'm the same girl."

"Well how did you get over here so quickly?  Do you work in both places?"  

"No.  I'm a fast walker." 

We laugh and I find someone who knows where the mustard is hiding and lead him over to the aisle where we share a bonding moment among the spicy varieties - he says he brought a bottle with him on this visit to see his son, but his son confiscated it - of which he finally decided upon jalapeno.  

And so I thank God for comic relief to break up frenzied work days.

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