Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing hookie

So I just finished writing a post - a great, witty post about my trip to IKEA - and it was lost. Poof. Vanished somewhere in an internet-cannot-display-the-page computer blip. I really don't feel like rewriting it, since somehow that might feel like having to retell a joke. Jokes are never good the second time around, and neither would my story be. The thing is, I don't have anything else prepared. You see, that story about IKEA, it was my improv story, the story I pulled out of the nothingness in my mind this evening, my back-up plan. And since it back-fired, I've got nothing else. Which leaves me standing in deafening silence on stage in front of an audience while I smile somewhat nervously and attempt to do a nonchalant Michael Jackson slide out the backdoor. That's my wordy way of saying, I'm playing hookie tonight.

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