Monday, February 7, 2011


Another month has rolled by, and I'm back for my second writer's group tonight. It feels like I've come a long way from that night, one month ago, when sharing one of my writing goals, said I'd like to write every day this year. I've written probably half as much in this last month as I wrote all of last year, which makes me feel more accomplished. But accomplished in what? In quantity and consistency of writing, I suppose, but I'm still unsure of where this is all headed. Not that I need to know at the moment. I'm along for the ride, keeping my eyes open for some inspired direction, plugging away at what's right in front of me.

Truth be told, I'm actually growing a little tired of my own voice. Yeah, sometimes it gets on my nerves and I no longer want to be inside my head. That must be one of the perks of fiction writing, or of nonfiction writing that tells a story other than your own - you get to be in the heads of characters other than yourself. Sometimes when I read back over my posts, I think, Man, do I actually sound arrogant? I'm not sure what my voice sounds like to you all, my readers. My guess is it sounds slightly different depending on your perspectives and life experiences and moods and personalities and how well you know me. While I don't want to become a self-conscious writer, I'd appreciate honest feedback if you have it to give. I realize not everyone's going to like what I have to write, and that's perfectly ok, but there will always be room for me to improve my delivery skills.

For everyone who actually follows my writing, I appreciate you, and I'd love to hear your voice.

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