Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lately, writing in the mornings has worked for me. I get up and head to a coffee shop near work about an hour before work starts, and there I happily sip my coffee and get my juices flowing for the day. But sometimes, like today, attempting to write in the morning is similar to starting a car with no fuel in the gas tank. The key's in the ignition, I turn it, and... nothing happens. Just the sound of a sputtering starter. Brain freeze. I really have little desire to write about yesterday, and today nothing has happened yet. Nothing in particular is on my mind, except that after four and a half hours of sleep, I'd prefer being back in bed. So all this makes for not an exciting post at all, for which I apologize, and I promise tomorrow will be better. What I need is some back-up fuel for days like these.

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