Monday, December 24, 2012

Words of Advent: Glory

 Day twenty-one of a daily meditation, a practice of free writing on words of Advent this season...

And here we are, arriving, but not yet reaching a final destination.

The moment we've been watching for, straining eyes for, quieting hearts for, bowing down and pressing faces to the dirt and shedding tears for.

We ache for this, even if we do not know from where, from whom, the ache is born.  It's in us, palpable, for the ones who travel this long road of searching.

But it begins here, with interruption.

And it culminates here, with glory.

It comes to me, in the words of a preacher,

"Glory is God going public with his inner being;

He pulls back his robe and makes himself visible."

In less than four hours, I'll be sitting in a cathedral, remembering Christ's scandalous entrance into the world as a baby.

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Receiving, again, the Gift whose value is cannot be contained here on earth or in the heavens.  

Daring to peek at the glory of God made visible.

He has come.  He comes again.  Will you see him?

Merry Christmas.

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