Saturday, December 8, 2012

Words of Advent: Child

I'll be honest, I don't have much in me today, and I don't have much time before this day becomes tomorrow.  But, by accident it seemed, I turned on the tv tonight and heard a Canadian group, The Tenors, perform a song that had me spellbound.  As I sat to type this post, I listened again to the song, five times, with head resting on my arms and tears running down my face.  It spoke deeper than any words I have tonight. 

In Advent, Christ came as the most vulnerable of beings - a baby - and still, already a King.  Throughout his brief life on earth, he prodded adults to become more like children; not in maturity, but in purity, simplicity, joyfulness, dependency, courage and faith.  When I listen to the words of this song, Forever Young, they call to the child in me, to rise up and remember who she is.  

They speak to me of how this is only possible because of one God who became a child, grew up into a man, and still is best understood by those whose hearts remain forever young.

Be blessed tonight, dear friends.


  1. Couldn't pull this video up for some reason. But child. Jesus as child. Come to him as children. It's all so humbling and makes me want to soak up all my children know before they forget it.

    1. If you search for it on You Tube - The Tenors, "Forever young"- you'll find it. It may be more sentimental than others relate to at this point in time, depending on where you're at, but it really spoke to me :-) Definitely, soak up all your children - and I have a hunch that you do this already, often...