Friday, August 10, 2012

Re-Gifting {2}

Friday is here, time for the second installation of Re-Gifting, and on the correct day this time.  Hehe.  I tell you, being without schedule is completely disorienting.  So let's try this again.  It didn't receive any responses the first time around, and just maybe, it will take a little time and coaxing to catch on.  That's OK.  Whoever wants to join in, I think we could have ourselves a little fun with our re-gifted lists of gratitude.

1) Hard conversations working to deepen love

2) Friends of different ages, and not even noticing

3) Heart etched in a mound of red spice

4) Ethiopian cooking class

5) Sharing a meal with strangers

6) Conspiring with others to bless someone we love

7) Handwritten card from Grandma, with an unexpected gift inside

8) Weekly check for medical leave

9) Calf stretch growing wider

10) Shoes on both feet for the first time in 3 1/2 months

11) Cluttered house, reminding me what's more important

12) Scar on my leg, reminding me of lessons learned in injury, of the gift of recovery

13) Delirious giggling

14) A dip in the lake at dusk and picnic dinner

15) Peace that truly surpasses my understanding

Ok, friends, I'd be so thrilled to read your lists.  Remember, there aren't any rules.  Lists can be any length, about anything big or small or somewhere in between.  Just give them thought and make them about real gratitude.  Oh, and I'm still working out the kinks to make this easier and more sophisticated for those with blogs (using Linky Tools).  Very soon, you should be able to add your blog as a link to a list below and upload a thumbnail image to go along with it.  For now, however, please leave your list in the comment section.

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