Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prayers for Terence

Some days, I admit, I haven't wanted to get out of bed.
I haven't always realized what a huge gift it is,
to get out of bed.
And walk. 

And some days, I, too, have sat by the bed of one I loved, 
playing my guitar and singing with as much faith as I could muster to the God 
who always hears.
It's too easy to take the ones we love for granted.  
This couple, in their own journey, have shown me a glimpse of what real love is.  
And it takes my breath away, it's that pure.  
What a gift it is to look into the faces of the ones we love, 
as long as they have breath, and let our eyes do the talking. 
To refuse to give up on living life, savoring each moment as long as you are here ... 
this is something even cancer cannot steal, 
as Terence and his family have shown us. 

There are moments, too, that will forever be etched in our minds,
 framed on our hearts.
These are the ones we reach out and take hold of gently,
storing them away for the days when we need to remember love.
For love lives on,

Terence, Terence.  Eyes so blue and pure and true.  Thank you, for showing us the way of love ~ in the quiet strength of your smile, your unwavering persistence, your selflessness and faith.  Thank you, for showing us Jesus.  He holds onto you, as you hold onto him.  And he won't let go. 

My prayers are with Terence Luttrell and his family, as he continues to fight for his life and hold onto Jesus.  

Please join with the thousands who are praying.


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