Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of all the gifts

Man, I am one spoiled girl. This birthday in particular, I feel a little embarassed by the incredible display of God's love toward me even before I reached this day. I think I'm getting it, finally: I'm loved. And it's wonderful. It's unconditional, it's unfailing, and it's the real deal.

"Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness."

If I could describe where I'm at as I head into this next year of life, it would be that line, from a song I was listening to today. In the past several months alone, I have seen His grace in action, completely covering over my brokenness and overtaking it. There's no experience like that. No doubt, the recurring themes you'll read in my writing will be grace, hope and love, embodied in Jesus. There are so many ways I can write about these themes, but hear me out, you'll read them again and again and again. If there's one thing I want to do well as a writer (and overall, as a person), it's to showcase Jesus. Not my skills, not my opinions, not my knowledge or wisdom, not my ability to write in different genres... nope, just Jesus. That gives me plenty to write about.

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