Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'll go

Someone approached me on Friday about being a part of a small group of people sent to Haiti, all expenses paid, to specifically help those in extreme shock get to a place where they can function. Very basic, but very necessary. For the past year and a half, I've wanted almost nothing to do with working with trauma survivors, even though that had previously been my passion and area of study in grad school. But when this man pitched his idea, something in me stirred that I thought had long been buried with the death of my dad. I wanted to go. Now, whether or not this team actually comes together is another story, but in my heart I know that I'm as good as on that plane if God opens the door. And I could be over there for about a month.

Having walked through my own journey of grief the past year and a half and coming to experience the depth of God's faithfulness and unyielding strength, I can truly say it would be a privilege to be able to carry with me the grace and life of Christ, in the flesh, to however many people in Haiti I would come in contact with. We'll see what happens... regardless, in the midst of the deep sadness I feel for the enormity of the suffering the people of Haiti are experiencing, I also have hope and anticipation for this huge opportunity the entire world has to witness the greatness, power, and love of God in action - both through people and far surpassing human efforts and abilities. However I can be a part of that, whether through prayer, donations, or actually going in person, I will. We are all invited to play a part in reaching out to the Haitians, and also to stand back and watch, amazed, for what God will do.


  1. I know you would be a HUGE blessing if the Lord provides the way for you to go! The Lord has gifted you in so many ways, and I know those heartbroken people in Haiti need someone like you to encourage them, love on them, and most importantly share Jesus with them.

  2. Simply, go. Go love on those orphans, go bring comfort to the grieving.