Friday, April 22, 2011

If only

I'm sitting here at a coffee shop this morning, slightly distracted, trying to focus on my writing (though I didn't really know what to write) and not on the conversations of other customers coming and going in the cafe. I was doing alright blocking things out, but couldn't help overhearing a snippet of this conversation between a customer and the barista at the register, discussing plans for this Easter weekend:

"Baby Jesus at Christmas, I can handle. But dead and resurrected Jesus at Easter is just not my cup of tea."

How often I hear this sentiment about Easter. I hear it again and again when people ask me or others about whether or not they're doing anything for Easter. Most people seem to want to make it clear that they could care less about the "religious" aspect of Easter, but they dig the chocolate, the Easter egg hunts, the nice Easter dinners. And I really get this, I think. Why care about Easter if you don't care about Jesus? If you believe it's all a bunch of fluff or crazy religious, anti-intellectual beliefs, a way for Christians to make themselves feel good inside. I'm not offended in the slightest bit. But it does make me sad.

I think, if only. If only these same ones encountered the Jesus I know and love, would things be different? Our lack of belief doesn't change history. It doesn't change the fact that Jesus came several thousand years ago to a people (all of us) who didn't receive him, that love compelled him to give his life, and that this same love is alive and still pursues us today, whether or not we acknowledge it.

Many may want nothing to do with the love of Jesus, but what they don't know is that his love is alive in me. I just need to be myself and let Jesus do his loving through me. Then maybe that if only can become something more.

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  1. They just.don't realize that Jesus is the only thing that can fill the pit of longing in their hearts...not a chocolate rabbit