Friday, January 18, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Cherished

 Joining up with Lisa-Jo and the Five-Minute Friday gang for a post on "Cherished."

. . . . . . . . . . 

I shuffled quick steps to our loveseat, bowl of cereal in hand, ready for words to nourish me as I ate.  As I do nearly every morning before work, even for just a few minutes.  My eyes scanned the coffee table for the book, but today, it was not there.  Not under the blanket on the sofa, or on my bedside table, or slipped inside my reusable-grocery- sack-turned-purse.  My husband stirred in the dark, his sleepy voice calling, "What's wrong?"  as I shuffled about the room.

"I can't find my bible," I murmured.  

In that moment, I felt it, the weight of something cherished having vanished.  The weight of its irreplaceability.  

More than just a bible pulled off a bookstore shelf to lay pristine on my coffee table, this was a gift.  A gift from someone cherished, someone who, too, vanished from my life, over four years ago.  The navy leather, soft and smooth like a glove that fits my hand perfect, thinning now around the edges.  My name, embossed in silver script on the cover, a dove beside diving downward. 

But inside, a legacy.

My Papa's perfect lefty penmanship, a remnant of him, stored in this treasure chest of story:

To our precious daughter
 on our very first [smiley face]
Christmas (2006) together in Seattle 
as we begin a new season of memories together.  
We are so happy to be up here with you and
 having the privilege of being 
alongside of our special Amber 
to both enjoy ministry and friendship
 is a very very great source of joy to us!

With all our love always,
Mom & Dad

My Papa, who passed on unexpectedly, a year and half later.  I could get another bible, yes; but I could never get his words back in strokes of love across crinkled paper. I could never get back the record of my last six years, penned along the margins throughout this epic love story that is the gospel - Genesis to Revelation. 

I left for work, thinking on this all day, praying, Please, don't let it be lost.

Later that night, we cleared a pile of things off the kitchen table, and there it lay, waiting to be found.  I squealed like a child, reached out my hands for it, swept my cheek across its cool smooth, pulled it against my chest and whispered thanks, for all the gifts contained in here.  

For the preservation of my Papa's words, his handwriting, his love,
     in this greatest story ever told.

For the wonder of holding in my hands another Papa's cherished 
      words and handwriting and love, 
      written across history and also upon my heart, in the life of his Son, 
      a story still unfolding.
For the love of my Mom, still alive, 
      who becomes more cherished with the wearing of pages.

For the reminders of God with me, in the margins.

Cherished, indeed.


  1. Hi dear Amber
    I love your description of the Bible being an epic love story. I want to go so far as to say that it is the greatest love story ever told, and still waiting for its consummation.
    Hugs XX

    1. You're absolutely right, Mia - still waiting consummation - and that makes it, how much more, the greatest love story ever told! Amazing, incomprehensible, this love of God... Bless you.

  2. Beautiful! I miss my Papa too, so I'm glad you have your 'cherished' Bible....

    1. From one daughter to another, missing our Papas, I hope you have a cherished something, too, Ruth, along with cherished memories. xoxoxo

  3. Amber, I so relate to this experience of the precious thing lost being found. But oh how much more so for you here because of the cherished Bible with the inscription from your Papa. I rejoice with you that these cherished words are back in your hands again. Thank you for sharing this expression of "cherished." Sending much love!

  4. That is so special. I understand the value of cherished things from people who are gone. Wonderful post!

    1. Thank you for reading my story, hearing my heart. That blesses me.

  5. And why oh why have I never been here before??
    You have a gift for storytelling, for drawing us along with you, seeing as you see, feeling as you feel.
    This was deep and earthy and simple in its profundity.
    Especially your last line: God in all the margins.
    oh. my.

    1. Kelly, wow. Your words are so kind and thoughtful and encouraging - what a gift you've given me in return, simply by reading here with such perceptive eyes. I'm honored.

  6. Beautiful words. So easy to drink in and picture in my mind's eye. I can truly feel the depth of meaning this cherished Bible is to you. Oh, and that you found it later that evening. So sweet.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl - it's sad that I can't often know how much something is cherished until it's missing, but thankful that it came back to me so I can cherish it even more :-)