Monday, May 7, 2012

A Monday morning dose of sweetness

Monday is here, just one week until this wretched cast comes off (HALLELUJAH!) and we're onto the next step of recovery.  I thought I'd pause at the beginning of this week and savor some of the good things thus far...

1.  I can now make it to the bathroom on my own on crutches, without cursing or yelling.

2.  I'm getting quite good at regulating my meds by alarms on my cell phone.

3.  Ricardo successfully made his first waffles and pot of coffee yesterday under my direction, and he was beaming so proudly.

4.  I've gotten my trips to the bathroom down to a multitasking art: brushing teeth, washing face and shaving legs with lotion, all while remaining seated.

5.  By the time this cast comes off, I'll have one heck of a toned left thigh.

6.  From my perch in bed, I have a view of the mountains and peeps of blue sky.

7.  I've got the time now to thoughtfully reply to emails and facebook messages, and finally write those notes to friends I haven't seen or spoken to in years. 

8.  Before Ricardo takes off in the morning, we can lie in bed and start the day off together in prayer - truly the sweetest thing.

What about you?  Any Monday morning doses of goodness you'd like to share?  I hope you all can savor your own dose of goodness at the start of this week, and as the week progresses, we can remind each other of the gifts in each day.  

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