Sunday, May 6, 2012

Art while lying down

It starts off today with boredom.  I'm lying in bed, all the day long, and I'm already long over it.  I feel myself growing frustrated again, as if that could somehow change my circumstances.  I know in my head that wallowing in the bedroom is not going to help me or anyone else, let alone pass the time.  So I visit the facebook page of an old childhood friend, who owns her own photography business, and I click on her blog.  My restless body relaxes.  She's a photographer of the loveliest sort, for she's a spectacular artist as well, and I'm mesmerized by her work.  I lose myself in several hours of smiles, inspired by the wonder and peace and joy that transmits through her photos.  If you have a moment - or an hour - please indulge yourself in a tour of her blog.  Her photos and her writing will lift your spirits: 

The wonderful thing about artists is that, as an artist myself, they fuel my creative engine.  Creative expression of beauty engages and feeds my soul, and so my mind starts a tickin'.  If I'm stuck here in this bed for awhile, what will I accomplish with this time?  I've got books to read, music to listen to, time to pray and think, cards to write, work to help Ricardo with online...

But why not learn more about photography here in my bed?  I found this website that gives some solid tutorials for free:

And what about picking up where I left off with my online Spanish classes, back when life got too busy?  I've been longing for those extra moments to study again, and here it is, in temporary abundance.

And then there's my writing.  I've certainly written more in the past week or two than I wrote in the four months Ricardo and I were engaged.  Nothing like a little life hang-up, in addition to the onset of a new life chapter, to press my fingers to the keyboard once more.  

What kind of art can I create while lying in bed?  An intriguing challenge, but perhaps just the challenge I need to kick aside the sadness.  

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