Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The wisdom of losing teeth

I miss the satisfying crunch of tortilla chips accompanied by my spicy homemade guacamole. I miss biting into fresh vegetables and crispy apples. I miss melted peanut butter on toast. I miss my tofu pho with steaming vegetables. I miss a fat veggie burger oozing with sauteed mushrooms and cheese. I miss looking in the fridge and knowing I can eat anything I feel like preparing out of those ingredients. Alas, I'm still eating the mashed sweet potatoes, yogurt, scrambled eggs, creamed soup and bananas.

The thing is, I never noticed how much the flavor and pure enjoyment of food is enhanced when chewed by the whole mouth, passing over all the tastebuds. Not just swallowed or gnawed on gingerly with the front teeth. I have a newfound appreciation for the process of chewing, one that will hopefully teach me to slow down and savor the experience of eating, thank God for my tastebuds and all my working teeth.

Who knew losing my wisdom teeth could gain me this wisdom? Well, wisdom only if I am able to practice it. Otherwise, it's just four useless teeth and a nice hunk of dough lost.