Monday, March 9, 2015

Wind-whispered secrets (#SmallWonder)

I fled here Saturday morning on foot, as I would to a quiet cathedral midweek or the living room of elders not prone to many words but whose presence speaks volumes. Because for an introvert in the throes of change, people do not often feel the safest place to run. Conversation can easily dishevel the heart.

And because, some days I am drawn into the company of giant old trees and their wind-whispered secrets. So I come. 

I found a large tree, downed some time ago, pointing up like the bow of a ship in the lake, and climbed aboard. In the middle of the trunk, a resting space beckoned me to sit and lean back against its branch. No one needs to teach a tree the gift of presence; they instinctively know, even after they have fallen. Without words, I knew this was God answering an unspoken plea to be held. And so, the tears came, sweetly.

There is something healing, too, in human skin to tree skin contact. It is not only humans that know how to hold the weary.  

I left this tree, reluctant and grateful, heading to the forest. As I wandered deeper in, my skin tingled with the holiness of their presence, with the radiance of life itself, and my heart heaved a holy hush. It is oxygen for my soul, the breath of God pumping healing through my veins, here in the woods.

The birds covered the air with song, far enough removed from the ongoing soundtrack of city. And I thought, awash in wonder, God is in this place. I never want to leave.

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  1. So lovely friend! The woods are a wonderful solace. I read a fictional book recently where two children became lost in the woods. It touched deep places. I would love for you to read it and we could discuss it together. It was called "in the heart of the dark woods" by billy coffrey.

  2. I am overcome in your words, in the feeling I sense here. I have been one who spent many hours, days, minutes at least, amidst God's creation of forest or up in a tree as a young one reading a book or pretending I was something else, somewhere else. I sat under trees for hours reading and writing and leaning on the strength of such a thing as a tree, This has brought back such special memories, even the hard ones when I wept tears at their bases. The vulnerable are wrapped in His arms when we allow Him in close.
    You have written of that here and so glad you are my neighbor @ Small Wonders.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. This is breathtaking, my friend. I love you... and I love that you found Him there.... and that you were held.

  4. Oh, how He speaks to us through His creation....sometimes right in our own 'back yard.'
    Thank you for letting us in on your soul touching time with Jesus.

  5. Amber,
    Stunning...I'm so happy you felt held by that tree and God...I'm longing to be in a forest or by the ocean.