Friday, March 6, 2015

Gathering courage (#fmf)

She gathers courage in
strands of silken thread.
Thin, translucent fragility
spun filament by filament into walls of strength,
one and then another 
and another.

This season of cocoon spinning unfolds
without end,
as she also unfolds,
even as barren trees shift before her eyes
from death to life.
Her colors remain hidden,
her life hidden,
herself, hidden.

She is tucked away, inside this 
solitary cocoon of hope,
awaiting her resurgence.

Joining with Kate and the Five-minute Friday community to the prompt of "Gather." 


  1. I love you a heap. And this is beautiful. And you are beautiful in your waiting.

  2. Wow, nice poetry! Resurgence is one of those words I could ponder for a week.

  3. Beautiful and what a word indeed!

  4. Amber, This is beautiful.
    I'm sharing this one.
    Visiting from FMF

  5. I love the contrast between courage and those thin strands, how something so fine can be strong. FMF is such a good thing.