Monday, January 16, 2012

Livin' la vida loco

I feel apologies are in order to you, my readers.  There we were, finally getting into a groove together, and I went M.I.A. on you.  I plummeted from writing five days a week to once every week or two.  Jeepers, I'm really sorry.

I do, however, have a fantastic excuse for this abandonment, if you can forgive me.  I'm getting married.  I think I made that clear, indirectly, in my last two posts, but in case you didn't read those, well, there it is.  Ricardo proposed to me on New Year's Eve and made me one very happy girl, and now we're crazily planning a wedding in less than four months.  It's been two weeks of engagement now, and we've hunkered down together to check quite a few biggies off our list:

Date (check)
Place (check)
Budget planning (check)
Bridesmaids (check)
Bridesmaids dresses (check)
Live band (check)
DJ (check)
Caterer (check)
Bridal gown (check)
Veil (check)
Mother of the Bride dress (check)
Dessert caterer (check)
Gathering addresses (check)
Start of invitations (check)
Honeymoon flight tickets (check)

Yeah, I couldn't fathom doing this on my own.  I'm incredibly thankful that Ricardo is every bit as crazy as I, and that he's not one to check himself out of the planning process.  He's in with me, shoulder to shoulder, and for that I thank God every day.  It's already been an amazing experience to share with each other.  

All that to say, I've been just a tad bit busy.  I will be scaling back, evidently, to between two and four posts a month for this season.  But I'll be back, when life settles, refreshed and ready to share my beautiful rubbish with you all. 

I may not be writing as much, but let me tell you, it's going to be a season of learning to put into practice full throttle what I've been writing and learning for over a year.  Slowing down...and look for the beautiful in each day, so it's not passing me by in a blur.  

I wish you the best in your own journey of beautiful rubbish.  Keep checking in - I'll still be here.  

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