Friday, January 27, 2012

the beginning of an eclectic collection

There are all kinds of styles for decorating: modern, shabby chic, vintage, americana, country farmhouse, ultra elegant, victorian, western, eco-friendly, minimalist, 
retro, Chinese feng shui, Japanese zen, 
Martha Stewart (who gets her own category of style), to name a few.   
My style has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained steadfast: 
I am eclectic.   
I love color, vibrant and cheery, which explains in part why it's been so easy for me to
 fall in love with Mexican things - cosas Mexicanas.   
I love animals, old things, chili peppers, and the colors red, yellow, green and purple.  
Thankfully, so does Ricardo - or at least, he loves me.

My birthday present: a large popcorn (or snack) bowl,
handpainted by Ricardo and I
The cabra 
Treasured finds at Goodwill: guacamole and salsa bowls
A little bit of eclectic: thanks to Ricardo for letting me
indulge in these ceramic crab plates,
the essential vegetarian serveware.
Our Mexican kitchen collection grows
The beautiful bag my cousin Erica, who lives in Mexico,
made for me: a birthday gift from Mom.
*Check Erica out on Etsy:

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