Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite things: the ever-growing list

Life is full of favorites. Every day, new favorites emerge to join the constant presence of enduring favorites, but it takes me slowing down to invite them in:

*Dogs with sad, wistful eyes, begging to be petted out on the sidewalk

*Children's chubby cheeks and sparkling eyes full of curiosity

*Juicy watermelon after a run

*The scent of a fresh bar of soap on a hand-washed, hand-stitched white wrap, a gift from Mexico

*Waking up in the morning to my body's alarm, laying awake before getting up

*Phone conversations with my sister, recalling details of the day

*Playing soccer barefoot

*Reading before bedtime, falling asleep mid-sentence

*Conversational cocktails of Spanish, English and hand gestures

*Humor transcending culture

*The first cup of coffee of the day

How many things can be added to the list each day? Depends on how much I'm paying attention.


  1. A goat finger puppet.

  2. Absolutely, a goat finger puppet... can't believe I forgot that one! One of my new favorite things...