Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Embarking on the hunt

#1 - The sound of songbirds at twilight against a swath of pink sky

This was the beginning of my day, as I stepped out my front door and headed to my car, as the sun was just beginning to rouse from its slumber. This is the beginning of learning to see, a baby step toward cultivating a life of thanks. The book One thousand gifts has inspired and challenged me to keep my own running list of things in life that I love, gifts that God gives in a multitude of daily moments. Training in the sights and sounds of a full and thank-full heart, pouring over to a full and thank-full life. Maybe that list will stop at one thousand, or maybe it will keep going. The stopping place of the list is not the point; the point is that the list, once gaining steam, need never stop, even if my writing of it ceases. The list may continue to be written in my heart every day. That is my goal, my desire.

I am excited to embark on this hunt, to look for the gifts, to slow down and enter into the wonder of small things. I'm ready to learn to see, and I hope I'm also ready to open wide my hands and receive.

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