Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent: a season of gifts

I love the season of Lent.  Unlike Christmas, it's not been drenched in commercialism.  It feels almost untouched by the culture of consumerism - a welcome breath of fresh air.  Lent is a season of passion.  Of conviction.  Of re-thinking the way we do life and realigning with God's way of doing life.  It's a season of pursuit, of humble restraint, of extravagant feasting on love.  For forty days leading up to the great celebration of Easter Sunday, anticipation mounts in my heart as the cobwebs are cleared away and I focus on what - Who - is really important.  It's all about Jesus.

Perhaps this is one reason I am excited to be getting married in April, following on the heels of Lent's close.  What better gift have I been given right now than the gift of focusing my heart and mind on Jesus, the one Ricardo and I honor as the center and foundation of our relationship, and soon, our marriage?  The opportunity of pursuing Christ together in the final weeks leading up to Easter and to our wedding?  The pure joy of allowing Jesus to capture our hearts in a deeper way before we exchange our vows of love to each other?  

These are gifts beyond value.  I hope and pray I can hold them with great care and attention.  


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